Since 1996, MAP has been a specialist manufacturer and supplier of quality & contemporary menswear. Based in Sydney, Australia, MAP is a major supplier to the Australian and New Zealand markets.


We focus on bringing classic and innovative fashion to the front line.


Our particular specialty is classic cut, easy to manage men’s dress, casual & sports pants which are manufactured using the latest designs and fabrics available in the world.


Our menswear labels include: Boland Sidon, Bob Spears, Billy Jet, Federico Tessio, Raymond Charles, Hampton Bays & Wombargo along with our “Tucsok” (pronounced two-choc) label, for women’s business slacks.


Our dedicated staff back up our high quality wholesale fashion with high quality customer service. At MAP, we aren't just a group of anonymous people behind a web presence. We provide personalized customer service by phone and email. We're real people who love to work personally with you and cater our products to you.

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